ALLIES is a network of Youth Ministers & Youth Workers working together to connect leaders, students, and churches.

In 2006, a chain of suicides amongst students in the Kenosha schools inspired youth pastors to meet together once a week to pray for students in Kenosha, Northeastern Illinois, and the surrounding counties, (this group is called “Allies.”) Weekly prayer continues to this day. Allies has many different churches and ministries represented in it’s fellowship. Together we have a vision to see teenagers won to the Kingdom of God through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Through networking, we believe our impact is stronger to that end.

The Gathering is a response to the unity that God has been bringing to the churches through the Allies Network.

As the youth pastors met to pray, they felt that the Lord was calling them to bring all their students together as well for prayer and worship.  Since the first Gathering, God has been continually working in the youth of this area. Countless lives have been changed forever by the presence of the Lord and through the praise of His people. The Gathering is an event where Jr. High and High School students come together to worship God together as ONE Church under ONE King, Jesus Christ! And to pray for our schools, our city, and our nation!

Roger Myers

Allies Network Coordinator