“Giving every student we come in contact with an opportunity to make an informed decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ, we do this through engaging them in deep and meaningful relationships and earning their trust and respect as we trust and respect them.”

The vision of City Life stays the same but the focus has shifted. We see a gap in Racine, WI. Middle school and High school students in this city are in  need of an Oasis, they need identity and a sense of community. City Life is here to fill that gap and meet that need. Our new programming is based on a relational outreach and incentive based model. 

City Life is Gospel based above all; teaching the Gospel and making these students more fascinated with Christ are primary goals.  We are shifting to an academic and truancy improvement focus. During our meeting times we have tutoring hours, character building lessons, bible studies,games, and activities. From time to time we hold fun events for the students such as basketball camps or tournaments. What makes City Life different is that in order for a student to go on the event they must meet the grade and school attendance requirements we supply. 


Josh Beaton

City Life Director
Email: beatonjoshua44@gmail.com