JJM Goals:

The Juvenile Justice Program reaches “at risk” students with a goal to break the cycle of juvenile crime by providing a variety of pro-social, faith-based alternatives to their existing patterns of delinquent behavior. While effectively influencing the thinking, behavior, attitudes, choices, and life-direction of teen offenders by providing them with the necessary tools and support for success.

Two Key Parts:

Juvenile Justice Ministry consists of two key parts working together to accomplish these goals. Click on each to find out more.

     Detention Center Chaplaincy



Rick Czechowicz

Sr. Director of Community Ministries
Email: rczechowicz@sbcglobal.net

Danny Escobedo

Juvenile Aftercare Lead
Email: descobedo35@yahoo.com

Dominic Galati

Juvenile Aftercare Staff
Email: dgalati15@gmail.com

Jose Garcia

Juvenile Aftercare Staff
Email: bbgh2284@gmail.com

Steve Castro

Detention Center Acting Chaplain
Email: stevecatmissiontexas@yahoo.com