What is JAMS

Juvenile Aftercare Ministry for Success (JAMS) is a community-based mentorship program for 12-17 year old male juvenile offenders who
are legal residents of Racine County.  Eligible participants must have
had previous contact with our juvenile court system and/or have been released from a state or county secure placement facility. JAMS is a voluntary aftercare program requiring parental approval for participation.


In Racine County, 70-80% of first-time juvenile offenders will re-offend
at least once following release from secure placement. Many of these students do not actively engage in any structured post-release aftercare program. The overall purpose of JAMS is to guide motivated post-release students through the process of becoming mature and responsible family members, successful on-going student leaders, and to measurable reduce individual re-arrest (recidivism) rates for each committed JAMS participant.

How Does it Work

Large group JAMS sessions are held twice a week with an agenda including current curriculum, small group discussion, and structured recreation time.  In addition, students are contacted for either one-on-one or small group mentoring on days when large groups are not in session.

JAMS students are held accountable through regularly scheduled reports regarding academic performance, school attendance, and behavior; both within and outside of the school environment.